The Process of Integration

Entheogenic integration is the merging of new awarenesses that are gained in ceremonial journeys into daily “reality”. 

It’s highly likely your daily reality may be shifted once you experience an entheogenic journey. The senses are often completely heightened and there may even be an intense feeling of joy. 

How do you bring these experiences into your daily life?



The Conscious

A view of material concerns that affect our current reality. Outer concerns, like the body, social issues and how we relate to others. This can give key insights to the evolution of the ego. 

The Unconscious

The focus here is your inner world and your personal search for meaning and identity. Here is where unseen challenges may lie. 

The Superconscious

As you develop a greater awareness of your role on your journey, you may start to see those previous challenges fade away and feel more connected with your true self and all there is. 

Set & Setting


Mindset is your state of mind when embarking upon a journey. With the Initiation Phase, you are doing the work to create the best mindset for your journey. 

Intention Setting

To gain maximum benefit from what information may arise during your journey, it is important to determine ahead of time what you hope to learn, experience, understand or resolve. It is also important to be open to whatever arises during the session. Your goals may be spiritual, social, or psychological. 

Environment (Setting)

The physical, social, and cultural environment in which the experience takes place.


Ask yourself...

“What is my goal?”

You may want transcendence, liberation from ego and space-time limits, or attainment of union with the divine. Take time and sit with your thoughts about what would feel best after you complete your journey. 

Intention-Setting Questions

  • What do I wish to gain from this journey?
  • What do I want more of in my life?
  • Am I seeking an introverted or extroverted experience?
  • How will my life be different?

Working with an Integration Coach can help with dissolving limiting beliefs, intention setting, and support you along your journey. 


The journey is just the beginning...

What happens next?

Returning from your experience is not the end of the journey. In some cases, it is the beginning. This is a time to take the pieces of the journey and bring them into the wholeness of your life.

  • What things did I experience that surprised me on my journey?
  • How do I make impactful change in my life?
  • Where do I go from here?
  • How do I feel about my intentions after the journey?




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