My Story

Most of my life, I have enjoyed the pursuit of higher learning through scientific means as well as spiritual means. My professional life has mostly been in the IT field and Web Development, yet at a young age I knew I wanted to serve others. Growing up in North Carolina, I faced a lot of challenges at a young age and during my late teens I moved to Florida to start over. 

The first time I used LSD I was 17 and it was an enriching and empowering experience that really helped me begin to heal the trauma I had suffered as a teenager. I didn’t know this at the time, but have grown to align with this understanding recently.

With an analytical brain and love of systems and people I became a computer programmer in the corporate world. At first, it was satisfying… to my brain at least. Over the course of several years I would come to realize that starting over did not mean running from my trauma.

I searched for meaning and connection in spirituality, and A Course in Miracles was shared with me. I began to realize that the connection with my mind was not going to satisfy my thirst for spirituality. I witnessed some heart crushing ego dynamics in the ACIM circles I was involved with, and I began to learn what a life coach was NOT. Through this discovery, I began to listen to people and a longing to support them along their journeys was born.

In 2014, despite this divine awakening, I stayed rooted in IT – mostly out of fear of change. It would be my body that would speak so loudly that I could not ignore it. Being diagnosed with MS was a reminder that the body keeps the score. This led to a powerful season in which at one point I switched from pharmaceuticals to medical marijuana and had a wonderful experience. People with similar diagnoses shared their fears about using marijuana – even in cases where it was medically beneficial – and again, I listened, without judgment. I realized the most painful part for some patients was the fear of shame, and judgment – despite the positive benefits. I wanted more than ever to free them from those bonds of conditioning. 

Over the next few years, my body would give me more announcements and reports that I would begin to tune into, and I would be lead more in the direction of what my soul desired. I worked with a Spiritual Business Coach for the first time and was led to read books by Martha Beck, and over the course of a couple of years become a Martha Beck Certified Master Coach.

During my coach certification I read Michael Pollan’s book, How to Change Your Mind, and it became clear to me that entheogens were the journey I wished to explore with others in the community. I’ve had my fair share of psychedelic experiences and my life has drastically improved. 

I no longer take ANY pharmaceuticals to manage my MS symptoms: fatigue, vision problems, depression, muscle spasms, etc. Cannabis and psilocybin have truly improved my quality of life!

I got truly committed to this new direction when I realized how much people who are using plant medicines are often seeking exactly what coaching is designed to do – untangling old, limiting beliefs, deprogramming our cultural conditioning, understanding what causes our behavior at a subconscious level.

My Certifications

Certifications aren’t everything, but I adored working with MBI and ICF is the standard! This video on the left is TOTALLY unrelated to my certifications, but you can learn about my journey here. 


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